Procedures & Policies: Format and Eligibility of KN Domain Names

Saint Christopher and Nevis Network Information Centre (KNNIC) Private Limited is the national registry of .kn domain names in Saint Christopher and Nevis. As the registry, KNNIC operates and controls the .kntop-level Internet domain name system and administers the registration of (a) third-level domain names under the second-levels of .com, .edu and .gov domains; and (b) second-level domain names under the top-level domain of kn. (“SLDs”). KNNIC may introduce other second-level domains under .kn where appropriate. KNNIC formulates and implements policies with regard to .kn domain name space and has the authority and capacity to enter into an agreement with any entity to manage the registration, maintenance and other operation of .kn domain names. This document sets out the Registration Policies, Procedures and Guidelines relating to .KN domain names in Saint Christopher and Nevis as currently applied by KNNIC. This document (as may be amended from time to time by KNNIC) shall apply to both registrars and registrants and should be read in conjunction with any other relevant agreements between these respective parties and KNNIC. The most current version of this RPPG document may be found at the KNNIC website,

A. Domain Name Format

A.1 A typical .kn domain name may be in the form .kn (in the case of SLDs) or, as the case may be.

A.2 The domain name must contain a string of minimum three characters and can contain a maximum of sixty-three characters, without the relevant .kn suffix.

A.3 The following may be included in a domain name registration: (a) Letters “a” through “z”. The domain names are not case sensitive. Hence, there will be no distinction made between upper case letters and lower case letters (ie. “A” is treated as “a” and vice versa); (b) The numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and/or 9; and (c) The hyphen character, which is the only non-alphanumeric character Allowed in a domain name, provided it is not the beginning or ending character of a domain name, or in the third and/or fourth position of a domain name.

B. Categories and Eligibility Criteria for .KN Domain Names

B.1 Open Domain Names KNNIC accepts registrations of domain names under the top-level of .kn and open second-level domain names of and The is reserved for users in ministries, statutory boards and government agencies. The eligibility criteria and guidelines for registering domain names under each category are listed below, but KNNIC may at its sole and absolute discretion in limited circumstances permit the registration of a domain name even if the applicant does not meet all of the usual eligibility criteria and guidelines for the registration thereof.

B.2 – for companies and businesses

B.2.1 When applying to register or renew the registration of a domain name, the Applicant shall inform the KNNIC of the particulars listed below and warrant the truthfulness thereof; the Applicant shall bear sole liability if any information provided by the Applicant is erroneous, false, or infringes any right or interest of a third party: (a)The content of all information stated on the domain name registration application form is true, complete, and accurate. (b) To the Applicant’s knowledge, the domain name for which the Applicant applies for registration does not infringe any right or interest of a third party. (c) The Applicant is not applying for registration of, and will not use, the domain name out of any improper purpose or in knowing violation of any laws or regulations.